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Advanced Search. Hi everyone, Have any one of you used the propane filling service at U-Haul?

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If so, how much did it cost you to fill up a 20 lb. If it is a few dollars cheaper U-haul, then it would be worth it for me to go there.

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I'm not going to nickel and dime it though. Both U-haul and Wal-mart are equally convenient for me. Reply With Quote. Bob T.

View Profile View Forum Posts. Do you prefer to have the Cylinder swap over just getting them filled, or is there just not many places around you that just fill them? I don't have an answer for you, just curious. Around here, it seems that some places use a different type of valve than others, so if you do an exchange, other places may not be able to do refills for you, and it limits your options.

U-Haul Propane for Labor Day

I've never done the exchange. As luck would have it, one of mine is empty lol. Sometimes, both are empty! S Whipple. I called another propane service and it was about the same price. Includes coupon layering, Craigslist finds, eBay finds, Amazon specials, etc. Jan 4, 1, 5 Gainesville, Virginia. Posted Oct 15, Oct 9, 19 Denver. Oct 19, 8, 38 Hayden.

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Sep 18, 1 San Diego. Apr 16, 1, 20 Fort Worth, TX. Feb 12, 4, 33 Wappingers falls NY. Aug 12, 2, 43 Twin Cities, MN. Jan 20, 4, Oct 8, 25, Oak Grove. Here are our favorite products to keep you tailgating in style.

This shoe reduces foot pain dramatically for 90 of users. See PB Women's Addiction 11 tennis shoes with insoles. This story is about a tenured dealer's son continuing on his dad's shop's U-Haul legacy in Santa Barbara. Yes, our website can be viewed in English, French or Spanish. To change the language displayed scroll to the bottom of any page on the site and choose your desired language.

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