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I've put together a Walt Disney World course just for you! So happy for you! Hope you are resting as much as you can with 3 kids- I have 3, so I know how it is! May God bless your family and keep you all safe, healthy and happy! The pics are adorable! These are the times that make beautiful future memories! Enjoy every second of this special family time because before you know it , she will be turning ONE! Many blessings for you and your family.

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You did a great job! She is beautiful and your other children look so proud to be big helpers. So alert! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have been thinking of you and your family and glad everything went well for you.

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Age: 35 Job: Former attorney, stay-at-home mom Number and ages of children : 1 child, 13 months. Now, for me, is a treat, because usually I live in Poland, and I try to have the time to develop myself. They told me I was wonderful until I was Job: Ran a restaurant Age: 33 Number and ages of children: One child 16 months. It's incredible to see the transition. The feeling of success she has on her face and how much pride she's experiencing at that moment — it's amazing to see that change happen.

Even when they do bad things -- moments later, they give you a kiss and it's all good. Age: 30 Job: Part-time French teacher Number and ages of children: One child, 17 months old, and pregnant with another.