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The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs. Isenberg, D.

The global entrepreneur. How to start an entrepreneurial revolution.

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Ittner, C. Coming up short on nonfinancial performance measurement. Ivanov, S. The rise and likely fall of the talent economy. Iyer, B. Reverse engineering Google's innovation machine. Izosimov, A.

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  • Harvard business review on winning negotiations..
  • First person: Managing hypergrowth. Jackman, J. Fear of feedback.

    • Harvard business review on winning negotiations.;
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    • Deals Without Delusions.
    • Harvard Business Review, December 2007!
    • Jacobides, M. Strategy tools for a shifting landscape. Harvard Business Review January-February : How to drive value your way. Jacobs, M. Do you know your cost of capital? Jacques, F. Even commodities have customers. Differentiation of commodities such as cement. James, B. Fixing health care: The case for capitation: It's the only way to cut waste while improving quality. Look to the ideas of W. Edwards Deming. James, D. The trouble I've seen. Crisis management. Janszen, E.

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      Selling to the debt-averse consumer. Harvard Business Review July-August : Javidan, M. Teagarden and D. Making it overseas. Jensen, M. Corporate budgeting is broken - Let's fix it. Jimenez, J.

      Recap Time! The 9 Delusions From the Halo Effect

      The CEO of Novartis on growing after a patent cliff. Joachimsthaler, E. Chaudhuri, M. Kalthoff, A. Burgess-Webb and A. How smart, connected products are transforming competition. Joerres, J. John, L.

      The 9 Delusions From the Halo Effect - Lars Lofgren

      How to negotiate with a liar. Mochon, O. Emrich and J. What's the value of a like? Social media endorsements don't work the way you might think. Kim and K. Ads that don't overstep. Johns, T. The third wave of virtual work: Knowledge workers are now untethered, able to perform tasks anywhere at any time. What do the best of them want from your organization. Johnson, A. Functions of municipal government which affect business and industry. Johnson, B. The CEO of Heinz on powering growth in emerging markets. Johnson, M.

      How to jump-start the clean tech economy.

      Christensen and H. Reinventing your business model. Johnson, R.

      Cognitive biases as project & program complexity enhancers

      You shouldn't volunteer to help your coworkers. Johnson, W. How to lose your best employees: Interaction. Jolly, P. The state and its subdivisions as members of business corporations.

      Expanding Possibilities Through Metaphor: Breaking Biases to Improve Crisis Management

      Jones, F. Trade statistics and public policy. Harvard Business Review July : Jones, G. Managing yourself: How the best of the best get better and better. The growth opportunity that lies next door. The rise of corporate nationality. Jones, O. The agitation for control of the Lancashire cotton industry. The Indian market for cotton goods.