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New South Wales. Australian Capital Territory. Northern Territory. Previous Next. Solid quality 5. Purchased this bowl as part of a deal and think it is great having two!


Having two bowls is handy, you can mix one thing, leave it in the bowl and have the other bowl ready to mix your next thing. Also looks great and feels solid and sturdy. VS South Australia. Food Processor 5. I recently purchased the stand mixer, so I got the food processor as well, I just love it. I also purchased the meat grinder and the different pasta attachments as well. Would highly recommend all the attachments to anyone. Nerroli Ipswich QLD. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer 5. Love it , sits on the bench so easy to whip up a batch of biscuits, pizza dough.

Made the Christmas pudding. Wished I had purchased this mixer years ago.

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  • KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer 04 Jul Sale & Deals NZ -
  • This KitchenAid stand mixer has £ off now (and it's not even Black Friday) | Real Homes.
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Kitchenwarehouse are great with very fast delivery. Great service from Kitchen Warehouse on delivery of this mixer. It is a great machine and I make all my own bread, cakes etc. Also for the offer of a free gift with this purchase. Many thanks to KitchenAid and Kitchen Warehouse. Excellent service 5. Speedy delivery. After misplacing my whisk during a kitchen reno which took months longer than anticipated, I was very happy to have one delivered in just a few days after ordering.

Watts in this case can be defined by the amount of power or current that is drawn from the electrical grid. This does not take into account — at all — the build quality, design, or efficiencies of the motors themselves. Without getting too techie, a high quality fixed speed induction motor driving a high quality set of gears can use this watts much more effectively and for a longer period than a cheap high speed motor.

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A more fair measurement of power would be a horsepower rating at continuous use, but this measurement is much harder to obtain, so it is highly unlikely that it will ever be adopted by home consumer brands although it is used by commercial equipment makers such as Hobart. This means that the beaters rotate on their axis similarly to the way the Earth rotates. Like a planetary system, the whole mixer head then rotates the opposite way, similar to the way the Earth rotates around the sun. This ensures that the sides of the bowl are scraped by the beater rather than having to do it by hand, and that the ingredients become fully mixed.

That being said, there are obvious differences in quality between various brands in their manufacturing process, with some lower priced models opting for pot metal gears, while better models offer brass or steel gears with tighter tolerances. The all metal gear equipped examples are normally kitted out with electronic sensors, which shut off the machine prior to the motor damaging itself in the event of an overload.

KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer Metallic Silver CA988

It should be pointed out that KitchenAid uses ONE Kevlar-reinforced nylon gear in their lower-price tilt head designs that is engineered as a fail safe in the event of motor overload, and breaks up into pieces in the event of a jam. Their upper-end models use the electronic overload sensors, and all metal gears. Any decent stand mixer will have this option. This basically slowly spins the motor up for the first several seconds, so that the ingredients do not fly into the air and create a flour cloud, or splatter your walls.

Generally, the more speed options available the better, as this allows you to perform any task that you set out to do, including whipping cream at a higher speed and kneading dough at lower speeds. This speed control also allows you to maximize the torque being produced by the motor with the stiffness of the ingredients. We like to see at least speed options. It should be pointed out that the uber-expensive Hobart N50 only has three speeds, as the motor is so powerful it can plow through almost anything in any gear.

At Foodal, we are more into Function over Form. However, you may value this more, and thus it may affect your selection criteria more so than it does ours — it just happened by coincidence that two of our top picks are available in a plethora of colors.

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In the good old days of USA manufacturing, many of these appliances got this weight from their heavy duty motors usually tagged with Emerson or Baldor that contained lots of costly copper wiring and lasted nearly forever. These manufacturers have beefed up the weight through other means. This in no way takes away from the versatility of this incredible machine, and it could be considered the best light weight stand mixer on the market today light weight referring to mass, not power or capability.

Before looking at individual models, you should consider which of two basic types of stand mixers are right for you: tilt head or bowl lift. With the tilt head model, you insert and remove the bowl by lifting the head of the mixer. Once the head is lifted, you can securely twist the bowl into place in the base of the mixer. These models tend to be a little less bulky, so consider the space you have for storing when making your decision. Artisan Series in Persimmon is a superb example of a tilt head model.

To insert and remove the bowl on the bowl lift models, the bowl hooks onto arms that extend from the machine, and the arms raise and lift to make removal easier. More advanced home cooks like this model because bowls of warm or cold water can be placed beneath it for added temperature control. Professional Series in Green Apple is a great example of a bowl lift model. The bowl lift models are also more stable, as the vibrations from the mixing action vibrate through heavier and thicker construction, meaning there is more mass to distribute the mechanical energy from the vibrating parts and motor.

These mixers are the best choice for those who like to make thick doughs like bread dough often.

Build quality is fairly self explanatory and can include some of the other metrics already mentioned, as well as other variables. Does the machine have adequate power or even better — surplus power to accomplish the task at hand? Are good quality parts and pieces used in the construction? Will the motor and electronic bits last for a long while?

Are details an important part of the assembly and engineering process? Are tolerances tight, or was the product quickly slapped together? Manufacturers generally have the ability to pick two out of the three performance goals when producing products: fast, cheap, or well built. Not only is the length of the warranty important, you must examine what exactly is covered, and most importantly, how good is the service?

Value is really a combination of price and build quality. Instead, we utilize our concept of Value. Does the product, when one considers the build quality and all of the other metrics in comparison to the price, provide value to the customer? And if so, what is the quantifiable number or star rating that we assign, based on our observations? Need more information, or want some better visuals? Check out this video courtesy of Dede Wilson at Bakepedia.

This one is ideal for the occasional baker, someone who bakes a couple of times a month but not in huge batches, or for those with a smaller budget. Move on to a better medium or heavy duty machine if you can afford to. Instead, double beaters rotate the ingredients — expect some bowl scraping to be required with this design. The top of the machine features a handle with a boost button, which can be operated with your thumb.

Unlike other stand mixers, the bowl faces away from you when operating it. In addition to rotating attachments, the bowl also rotates in the opposite direction from the attachments, to ensure that all ingredients are picked up and thoroughly mixed into the batter or dough. The 4-quart stainless bowl is on the smaller end of the spectrum for mixer bowls. Sunbeam provides two attachments: beaters and dough hooks.

KitchenAid Heavy Duty Mixer Metallic Silver CA

Although this appliance seems to handle lighter dough and batters well, many users wrote that regular use to make bread dough wore this machine out rather quickly. If you are hoping to use this to make a lot of bread, look at a more durable option instead. Read our detailed review of the model or see it on Amazon now.

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  4. Although many users have speculated that their quality declined in the late s, KitchenAid reports that changes have been made over the last several years to get the mixers back to their former, decade-lasting selves. And this seems to have been confirmed by customer reviews. When choosing a KitchenAid, look for a new model, as users report these tend to have a more solid construction. Of course, models from the s and earlier have also been known to last for decades when cared for properly. This kind of durability does come with a caveat: these appliances are fairly heavy at pounds, so be sure to store them in an easy to reach place.

    Although the 4. With ten speeds and watts of power, this machine can handle most dough with no problem. And it gives you several dimensions of control, so you can whip egg whites or slowly beat in butter. This machine comes with the three basic attachments — a flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook — and is compatible with the other attachments that KitchenAid offers. And it has a watt motor instead of the watt version.

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    Both models have point planetary action, which means it has 59 touch points through the bowl when mixing, to get ingredients thoroughly incorporated. Also, both models have a tilt head, and ten speeds for precision control. This model is an excellent choice for the occasional user. It will easily mix together cookie dough and cake batter or beat mashed potatoes. Even so, some users report using it often to make thick pizza dough with no problems, except that the head will jump up and down a bit.