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Soundbar 5. Quick View.

Logitech Z506 Subwoofer

Sib Evo 5. Prime 5. Aria 5.

Lifestyle Home Entertainment System. Shop all. Or more to the point: sound so real, so lifelike and so 3-dimensional, it suspends disbelief and puts you in the action. And the bigger and better the sound, the bigger and better the experience.

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The three types include:. Very easy to set up and everything matches.

More customizable with respect to sound and design aesthetics. Where we gut the whole room and start over — new walls, new ceiling, built-in components, luxury theater seating and lighting, cinematic touches throughout, and so on. This article covers the first two. For those interested in the third — a dedicated, custom designed and installed home theater — please contact us here. Our designers and home theater technicians will provide options, references and photos of award-winning, custom home theaters designed and built by World Wide Stereo to exacting specifications.

Surround Sound System: Buy Surround Sound System Online at Best Prices in India -

The Lifestyle is extremely compact left, right and rear speakers are only 5. As for best-looking, premium glass and brushed anodized lend the Lifestyle a certain high-end, Apple-like look and feel. Tell it what to do by just, well, telling it what to do. And the wireless Acoustimass subwoofer included is a monster with a smaller-than-typical footprint. Several reasons. The same kid could also control everything by way of the most intuitive, app-driven interface in the industry. Sonos is still considered the new kid on the block, but the company is running the table with respect to great sound in a great package and wireless everything.

Almost everything Sonos comes in white or black matte. Each Sonos One speaker also sold as standalone speakers incorporates 2 class-D digital amps, a tweeter, and a mid-woofer. And though the Sonos Playbar is low-profile and designed to live in front of your TV just like any sound bar , you can upgrade to the Sonos Playbase 5. The bigger, heavier Sonos Playbase is designed to live under your TV. Inside: six midrange drivers, three tweeters, bigger bass drivers, and better built-in amplification combine to deliver seriously big sound, awesome separation, and clear, distinct highs.

Finally, the Sonos wireless Sub provides a powerful low-end foundation. If you have any loose floorboards, the Sonos Sub will find them. The end result is surprisingly rich, room-filling, home theater sound in a very aesthetically pleasing package, and slightly more so with the Playbase option. Very smart. This is because the processing power normally used for those features is needed to ensure rapid and accurate communication with your Playbar to deliver the best surround sound experience possible. Not to worry though — if you ever separate the system via the Sonos app and set up the Sonos One in another room, all of those features will come back automatically.

Now here as the core component in the Bose Smart Wireless 5.

The Best Wireless Surround Sound: Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1

The Bose SB won because we turned it on and were promptly blown away by a sound field that A seemed much wider than any other 5. Start with this 5. And with Amazon Alexa built-in, you can control it all with simple voice commands. The premium glass top and perforated wrap-around metal grille on the Soundbar is a nice touch.

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T wo reasons. The first: It won because you can put it in the tiniest of bedrooms and never trip over it.

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You could also install it in the back of a van down by the river, not that you ever would. Focal, by the way, is a serious force in the speaker world.

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  • Almost like the first 15 minutes under a VR headset. And we should add — why not put a home theater in the bedroom? Now we transition from the smaller, easy-to-set-up home theater systems to the bigger, knock-your-socks-off setups. The following systems were hand-picked by our experts, often mixed and matched from different audio brands. Further, these bigger home theater systems are more customizable with respect to sound and design aesthetics.

    As did our neighbors, for blocks in every direction. This speaker system will pair well with any quality surround sound receiver. If you would like a receiver recommendation, please give us a call. Everything is crisp, clear, and seemingly nudged forward in the mix. Anyone sitting off to the side still hears optimal sound. Two historic, world-class, audio pioneers: One known for spectacular, go-big-or-go-home sound and beautiful cabinetry, the other for best-in-class amplification and leading-edge technology.

    Between them, two legends — Saul Marantz and Paul Klipsch, over years experience, and every award in the book. Welcome to the best surround sound of all worlds. Atmos, as in atmosphere. What Dolby Atmos really does is create a layer of sound that not only hovers above the audience, it hovers in different areas above the audience. Children love to hear themselves on a loudspeaker and this is one great way to facilitate that. They can sing or play instruments or read a story. You can also use the microphone for delivering lessons.

    This is not an easily portable speaker as it weighs almost 17 lbs. Goodies I found: A hour rechargeable battery and a USB power bank so you can recharge your phone, tablet and other devices. The battery charge may vary according to the volume usage, age and temperature where the speaker is kept. You can plug it in when you have an electrical outlet, or you can use the If music is your main aim, this speaker promises distortion-free audio. You can also use the 3. Goodies I found: This is the only portable Bluetooth speaker in its category that has five active speaker drivers with a 6.

    Best for: large rooms with a lot of people who need to hear the audio such as for an audio book or music, or for outdoors. Having surround sound in the classroom is a good thing.

    Home Theatre Systems

    Sound systems are needed when you want home theater-quality sound. This Monoprice Home Theater Speaker System has four satellite speakers, one center channel speaker and one subwoofer speaker. The satellites look small, but the speaker puts out watts of power at eight ohms. This will be a permanent fixture in your classroom or auditorium. It weighs more than 30 pounds, and comes with C brackets for mounting the satellite speakers. You have to provide the hardware to mount the brackets.

    You can buy more speakers if you want to upgrade to 7. Goodies I found: This is an inexpensive sound system that provides high-quality, full-spectrum audio for audiobooks, movies and music. Logitech Z Speaker System is a 5. It provides true, cinema-quality sound.